The Weekend Senorito

Almost everything is sourced out locally, from fresh meat, pork and poultry to herbs and vegetables. From condiments and ingredients from local producers to breads and dessert items from other local stores and shops. Everything in Negros Occidental. That’s the concept of The Weekend Senorito. From farm to fork. Only around 100 days old, the new place is slowly creating a buzz among food enthusiasts.

The Weekend Senorito is a small but uniquely designed resto inside the residence of the Penalosa family who owns the Penalosa Farms. The farm is a go-to place for tourists coming to the province, and is owned by agripreneur Ramon Dayrit Peñalosa, Jr., known for practicing integrated natural and organic farming in Victorias City. 

Meanhwile, the restaurant is run by his children, Architect Andrew, who designed the interiors and Kelly, who plans and prepare the menu.

Jocelle Batapa Sigue with Maricar Dabao and The Weekend Senorito’s Kelly and Andrew Penalosa.

Embellished with Negrense touches, the interiors gives one the feeling of a Negrense ancestral house that is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Trinkets, paintings, artsies, and small items adorn the walls, giving the whole place a unique blend of eclectic and native atmosphere.

Andrew shares how friends would send over unique art pieces and collector’s items to add to their resto decors.

For my first visit, we sampled a new item on the menu – Chili Con Carne With Garlic Mayo. The dish happilly transported me back to Guatemala, where the ground beef was skillfully mixed with beans and spiced up. An absolutely delightful treat with salad and crispy sweet potatoes or “kamote”. Another dish was the Korean Chicken which would surely appeal to those whol love spicy food. The added bonus is the delicious red rice – which I initially refused under the pre-conditioned impression that white rice is better, but I eventually finished up to the last morsel.

Chili Con Carne
Korean Chicken

For drinks, we sampled juices made out of Kamias, Bignay, and Blue Tarnate. They tasted deliciously healthy.

Before our main course, we picked what they call “Masskara Salad”. It was a refreshing combination of local greens, ham and eggs.

Guests are also treated to delicious pandesal with pesto or other homemade dips while waiting for their main course.

Kelly was a gracious host as she shared how she develops each dish based on available local products and ingredients.

Jocelle Batapa Sigue with Kelly Penalosa

They also sell locally made artisan teas, delicacies, icecream and spices.

The place is located at Eroreco Subdivision, Barangay Mandalagan in Bacolod City. It can only hold around 30 guests at a time and opens from 9 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon from Tuesday to Saturday.

To check out more details about the Weekend Senorito – visit them on Facebook.