Best Foodtrip Picks 2019

Before 2019 finally sizzles out, I am taking this time to share my the best picks for 2019 – from new local finds to staple dishes and unique recipes – these are dishes that are left a lasting impression on my palate and are surely delectable pleasures worth noting down in your gastronomic diaries. The best part is you do not need to travel far to have a taste.

Let’s begin with foreign items with a twist – these are the dishes that you would surely get these in other countries – but now you can conveniently drive around Bacolod to check them out. If you are a big fan of Japanese food – I have two entrees to reccomend.

Shoyu Ramen – I have tried ramen with different soup stock and garnishings – but so far the Shoyu Ramen at Omotenashi along East Circumferential Road proved to be among the truly delightful ones. The ramen, the soup base and the grilled pork are a perfect combination. Each bowl is around P350 but it is already a complete and satisfying meal that easily transports your imagination to ramen restos in Tokyo. For more information about Omotenashi – click here.
Grilled Salmon Uramaki – trying out Nezu, the new food place in Bacolod that is serving modern Japanese. I highly recommend their sushi rolls especially the Grilled Salmon Uramaki. Nezu is located at 20th Lacson Street. They also have ramen, Hawaiian Poke and other rice dishes. On the same building, one can walk to Cafe ElGon, Berbeza and Mushu – all local restaurants with flavorsome dishes. For more information about Nezu – click the here.
Mexican Pizza – if you haven’t tasted or even heard of a Mexican Pizza, run to Los Trez Amigos now along Taculing Road (beside the Securities and Exchange Commission) to experience the exotic snack dish. Los Trez Amigos is a cozy restaurant that specializes in Mexican, Spanish and American dishes. Their hitmakers include hickory smoked pork ribs or smoked chicken with salsa and Spanish potato salad. They also have delicious tacos, burretos, enchiladas, and other Mexican dishes along with lime, lemon, blueberrry cheesecakes. To know more about Los Trez Amigos, click here.
Crab Curry – another foreign inspired dish with a Filipino touch. This is my favorite dish in the growin chain of Jaime’s Cafe. They now have three branches – at the original East Circumferential road (beside Jack and Jill School), another near Riverside Hospital and the third is situated at Goldenfields Commercial Complex. They also serve delicious fruit teas and pizza, aside from many delightful entrees. For more information about Jaime’s, click here.
Chicken Relleno – We also call it Chicken Galantina. Bascon Cafe is a household name in Bacolod. The name speaks of decades of great local cuisine serving best- oved local dishes. My favorite branch is along La Salle Avenue – a small and chic place where you can get best tasting cakes an dishes. But my favorite is chicken relleno served with two fried rice. I have grown fonder of the dish this year because it is “orderable” under many online delivery services. For more information about Bascon Cafe, click here.
Baby Squid – Azucarera is well known for its paella dishes and tapas (appetizers). Aside from Spanish Chorizo, baby squid is one of my top choices. The place also observes “happy hour” from 5 to 7 PM Tuesdays to Thursdays, where one can enjoy discounted Tapas and buy-one-take-one cocktails. Try the Virgin Mojito. For those who cherish their Spanish tastes, this is the place to be in Bacolod. To know more about Azucarera, click here.

Now it’s time to check out the sweet section for 2019.

Brazo De Mercedes Cupcake – For me , the best is at Quinos – this is my comfort food. This cupcake just really wants to make you smile even on a gloomy day. And Quino’s is home to lots of other delectable stuff like the now famous Puffyani. For more information about Quino’s, click here.
Avocado Mousse – only at Cafe ElGon. This is a much talked about cake in my social media articles because it is truly delightful. One can really taste avocado – almost like an icecream but without the bitter and tangy taste. A whole cake is around 800 Php at Cafe ElGon but one can sample a slide at less than a 100 Php. ElGon also whips really delicious toasts in three flavors – Cinnamon, Butter Toast and Garlic Cheese. For more information about Cafe ElGon, click here.
Carrot Cake at Bascon Cafe. As mentioned, Bascon is also know for its cakes and so far the best carrot cake in the city is theirs. A whole small cake is just less than 200 Php.

2019 is also an eventful year in my kitchen as attempted to cook various dishes I have tasted in other places.

Sate or Peanut Sauce for Meat – I visited Bali, Indonesia for the first time this year and I must say the food experience is memorable. So I ma very proud to have successfully replicated the Sate.

Another experiment was the making to “palapa” – a typical Maranao side dish or appetizer made of onion chives, chopped and flavored garlic, ginger, onions and pepper. Preserved in vegetable or olive oil, palapa is aan appetizing relish to meats. In Iligan, they call rice with beef, tuna or chicken and wrapped in banana leaves commonly called as “pater” with the palapa as sauce.

Korean Fish Cake in tomato sauce. Finally, I am able to create the dish after watching so many Korean dramas. A nice spot to get Korean ingredients is at O’Residence beside Robinsons City Mall.
Beef and Eggplant in Schezuan Sauce. A dish I saw in Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore and probably many Asian countries with Schezuan cooking. I am glad I tried cooking it.

2019 is truly an ambrosial year of gastronomic delights. Good food doe not need to be expensive. In fact, one can simply cook the recipe they love with a little help from the Internet. I am looking forward to a flavorful 2020! Happy New Year!