Puffyani: Bring home Bacolod’s Sweetness

Quino’s is a story of how a young couple’s love and support for each other blossomed into a lifelong mission to promote Bacolod’s food tourism.

John Anthony Ledesma, who worked as a medical representative for about a decade married Ann, a nurse in 2009. As a mother and wife, Ann had to stay home but due to her desire to help John raise their family, she requested John for a capital to start a baking business.

John and Ann Ledesma, Founders of Quino’s

Without any formal training about starting a food business or baking, Ann began to experiment on recipes using hers and John’s discriminating taste, creativity and imagination. Eventually, the couple opened their store in 2014 at Ayala, Talisay City. They named it Quino’s after their first born’s name. They then moved to 888 Triangle in Bacolod City. And finally in their current location along BS Aquino Drive, Shopping Center in Bacolod.

John says they want Quino’s to be known as a home-based business and a food store that depicts the Bacolodnons great love for cakes, pastries and food.

John handles the sales and marketing side of the business while Ann takes care of the design of the store and the baking part.

Quino’s today is well-known for their fast-selling item called “Puffyani” – similar to cream puffs, actually like the ones I actually tasted when I was in New York and had to bring home a whole can. A dozen is less than 300 pesos while a piece is 25 pesos. John says many visitors come to get Puffyani as one of the choice “pasalubong” from Bacolod.

Quino’s Brazo De Mercedes Cupcake

My personal favorite is the Brazo De Mercedes cupcake. The white and yellow parts are both heavenly and balanced. I am not really very fond of sweets, but the cupcake has a become a regular comfort food for me.

Quinos’s Chocolate Cake

One of Quino’s specialties is their chocolate cake. They create cakes for various occassions. This year, the couple has renovated their present shop to give a bigger space for cakes’ display and baking area to provide special emphasis to this side of their business and for personalized service to customers.

One attraction of Quino’s is the artsy look of the store that makes it an ideal place for friends to enjoy coffee, cakes and conversations. They also serve shakes, pasta, burgers, chicken fingers and other rice items. For those who love sweets, they have a wide range of pastries to choose from – cookies, biscuits, cakes, rolls and many more.

John’s vision is to make Quino’s a tourism destination in Bacolod City. He also wants to be part of the growth of the food tourism industry of the province. We share the idea that there is more benefit in collaboration than competition among those in the food business. We both believe everyone will benefit from an aggressive and consolidated marketing and branding. He is confident that because they give a premium to experimentation and creativity, their products will always stand out for its uniqueness and personalized touch.

They recently launched their new product line – Milk Tea and John hopes it will be well-accepted by the community.

John and Ann now have four children and their story serves as an inspiration to newly couples who may nothing in common but because of their passion to help the community and each other, their creativity and imagination – they minds unite for a bright idea waiting to be scaled to reality.

Coffee time with John and friends at Quino’s

Come to Quino’s when you are in Bacolod. They are open from 9 AM to 7 PM daily. For inquiries, call 7072196.