The Flavors of Home

He wanted to bring the flavors of his original home to the place which he now embraces as his new home.

David Garcia, a national of Puerto Rico, has spent fifteen years in the Philippines, particularly in the City of Bacolod, where his wife Jasmin is a native. Together, they started Los Trez Amigos, a small restaurant that is now creating waves in the city.

If your tastebuds are craving for Mexican flavors along with a twist of Pueto Rican cuisine side by side the smoked ribs – or chicken, famous staple in the United States – then you must definitely head to David’s place.

They have burritos, tamales, quesadilla, tacos, nachos, enchilada, Mexican pizza and other treats. They also have hickory smoked pork ribs and chicken that goes with potato salad, Spanish rice and salsa.  For desserts, they have delightful pies – lemon, lime and blueberry cheese cakes to go with the main course. On the side, it is so much fun to have a place in Bacolod where you can get refried beans, jalapenos, salsa and guacamole for extras.

David says he wants the place to be a venue for family and friends to taste good food that’s fresh and full of flavor. Every morning, he gets the ingredients fresh from the market to avoid freezing anything so the taste are all locked in.

Empanada with Salsa and Honey Mustard

First timers will surely enjoy the appetizers before they can even move to the main courses. My favorite is the Empanada – fried dough that’s usually the safest choice when you hit a Mexican restaurant – but at Los Trez Amigos – the fillings have no extenders – only tasty chicken, pulled pork or beef, or ground beef. They are served hot along with salsa and honey mustard sauce.   

An empanada is a type of baked or fried pastry, with filling in Latin American cultures. The name comes from the Spanish verb empanar, and literally translates as “enbreaded”, that is, wrapped or coated in bread. (Source: Wikipedia)

Dabid presents the flavorful Tostones

Then you have the lovable Tostones (something I have never tasted before) which is actually fried plantain (or the “saba” in the Philippines) a wonderful part of Latin American or Carribean cuisine. David’s version is topped with Spanish sausage strips, pulled pork, pepper and some salsa. The combination simply bursts in your mouth.

For drinks, there are lemonade, iced tea but the best one is tamarind juice – a match for all the Spanish flavors.

David designed the place to show lively colors  and bring energy and zest to diners – giving them the feeling of home. He is such a lovely host along with his wife, hopping from one table to another, welcoming and conversing with guests. He says first time guests come back with more friends or set small parties and events. The whole place can accomodate up to fifty guests with a small private function room for around a dozen people. 

To remind David of home, one will see in the middle of the restaurant a 3D painting of San Juan, Puerto Rico’s capital and largest city. Its widest beach fronts the Isla Verde resort strip, known for its bars, nightclubs and casinos. Cobblestoned Old San Juan features colorful Spanish colonial buildings and 16th-century landmarks including El Morro and La Fortaleza, massive fortresses with sweeping ocean views, as well as the Paseo de la Princesa bayside promenade. (Source: Wikipedia)

Last week, Los Trez Amigos celebrated its first year anniversary with lots of free tacos for all. They open the whole week except Mondays from 4:30PM to 1:00PM and is located along Taculing Road, just at the entrance of Villa Celia Subdivision, now the corner just along the new Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Bacolod Satellite Office.

Great food and company awaits at Los Trez Amigos. Hurry!