Iligan’s Best

My latest journey to Iligan was one of my best foodie travels. It was barely three days, short but sweet. Not only because of the delectable food but because of the Iliganons who are very welcoming.

True to form, my article will delve on the “tastes” of Iligan but I will show some magnificent sights along the way. My top pick is the famous Lechon sa Timoga, rows of lechon stalls with a long track record of really delicious version of the popular Filipino roasted pork.

The skin of the lechon is so crispy and the taste of the pork meat is really heavenly. I needed to control myself from finishing the whole platter. Along with the lechon were sweet potatoes or kamote, and puso or rice wrapped in coconut leaves. The grilled tuna panga was also delicious.

The city hall is situated atop a hill known as Buhanginan, and this is the view from the top. This city is really close to my heart because the first ICT summit was held here in 2008 and on that same summit, we decided to create the National ICT Confederation of the the Philippines (NICP). More about NICP at

Iligan, known as the City of Majestic Waterfalls is home to the breath-Maria Cristina Falls and many other waterfalls. In my past visits, I already paid tribute to the majestic falls which is a source of hydro-energy for Mindanao. But this time, we took a quick trip to Mimbalot Falls. It was lovely. Just along the road. Iligan is really iligan ora placewhere water flows.

We also sampled a local birthday celebration of a city official Samuel Huertas, the acting vice mayor currently, and the food was amazing, too, especially the kinilaw, or the fish soaked in vinegar and other ingredients like a Japanese sashimi.

We had really great kinilaw two days in a row. This one at AM’s Chicken House.

Another great treat was the durian shake. And of course, on the second evening, another ICT champion, Paul Lagura from Kapatagn brought their really tasty crabs from Kapatagan. The last time I was in Kapatagan, I had a taste of these crabs and I cannot get over them.

We ate the crabs in Santiago, a great place owned by a former city official and it was so nice at night time. After many years, I was reunited with a friend from my PYLG-UNDP days, Gimaidee Moya of Pailig Foundation.

On my last day, I had the chance to taste pater with palapa or the hot sauce that goes with the rice topped with either beef, tuna or chicken and wrapped in banana leaves. Yummy, I even brought some to Bacolod and ate it for lunch and dinner that day.

A plus to the great food was an amazing view of the sea as it stretches from the edge of Iligan to Linamon in a go-to place called Levan.

I thanks my host, ICT champion and city councilor Jake Balanay and ICT leader Andrews Libradilla who were very gracious. Likewise DICT MC 2 Director Eva May Dela Rosa and Engineer Eugene.

I am surely going to come back to Iligan.

My official mission to Iligan which was the launching of SITIO (Social Innovation Through Impact Outsourcing) is best discussed in my other blog –